Some Context

Context's mission is making technology radically simpler, smarter and more intuitive. Tools that connect people and ideas, organize and preserve knowledge and augment human capabilities.
Tools for thinking bigger.


Radical improvement requires radical rethinking. Fundamentally resetting everything about software design, and only keeping concepts that add value in the present and the future. Because the past is in the past, and the present will be before you know it.

Context is creating technologies built from scratch for the modern era of highly personal, powerful and portable systems, pervasive connectivity, and parallel realities. Software that is effortless, elegant and exciting.
Software that’s evolved.

Less Is More

Building complex solutions is easy. Making things powerful is easy. Making things reliable is easy.

Making things powerful, flexible, reliable and simple is hard. But the benefits are easy to see.

We believe the most effective technologies are the most invisible, maximizing the time you have to focus on what matters:
Your ideas. Your intentions. Your realities.

Intelligence Inside

Artificial intelligence will soon be dead. In a few short years, it will simply be known as intelligence.

It’s time that software was designed with this in mind. Software that captures data implicitly as well as explicitly. Software that learns you as much as you learn it. Software that understands contextual meaning. Software that understands your intent.
Software that understands.

Gratis Libre

Our products serve not only as standalone tools, but as open models to inspire the next paradigm shift in human/technology interface design. Where possible they will be made freely available, because great ideas are the most powerful when they can be easily shared and built upon.
Ideas that will inspire what’s next.